"And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils."

I finished reading Pillars of the Earth.  I actually spent the entire day Sunday reading.  The entire day, couldn't put it down, and anytime Marc talked to me he got a glazed over "umhmm" in response.  Anyway the book is set around the building of a Cathedral at a monastery in 12th century England, and lo and behold there are the ruins of a 12th century monastery across the street.  

Every time I wander through the churchyard, which is pretty much everyday, I am so much more amazed than ever.  I stare at the stones of the church and marvel at how this building was built by people like the characters in my book!  

In other news, daffodils.  They're everywhere.  And crocuses, too, they pop out all over the lawns on campus, in the park, on the side of the road, in the woods.  No wonder Wordsworth wrote a poem about it.  It's delightful! 


Super L said...

Love that book! Haven't read it in ten years, I should pick it up again.

And, England in the spring forever solidified my love of Wordsworth because of the daffodils.

Anonymous said...

I've got about 200 precious pages left! I'm having to schedule my reading so I won't have to stop--hope to get some of that time on the weekend!

And...I'm so sad that you didn't get to go to Dublin for St. Pat's Day BUT I'm so glad that you got to eat all that yummy Chinese food!