Luck o' the Nelsons

Early St. Patrick's Day morning we rode the moped to the airport and arrived excited.  We stepped up to the check-in desk.  And they were closed.  Who closes check-in?  the guy said they'd closed it 4 minutes ago and refused to check us in and said we could get on a later flight for £140.  We stared blankly for a long time, til it sank in, then we were sick and stunned, and long story short we went back home again!  Couldn't. believe it. 

On the ride home Marc took a wrong turn and suddenly we were on a freeway ramp about to join the traffic going 70 mph.  {our moped goes 45 mph max}.   We ended up pushing the moped back up the runway as traffic flew by.  It was a weird morning.  

We still had the whole day stretched out before us, so we thought we'd refuse to mope around all day.  If we couldn't go to one country, we'd go to another!   We hopped in the car and headed for Wales and Brecon Beacons National Park.
Gotta love Welsh and its words with no vowels.
We proceeded to climb 2 famous peaks on an 8 mile hike (this is the view near the top).  The park is also known for its ravens and since we'd seen plenty of crows in our lives but never any proper, wild, huge ravens, it was the order of the day.  We saw quite a few doing acrobatics at the top of the peaks, including some flying upside down! 

When we got back down from the hike there was a perfect mountain stream to wade in, and as it turned out we didn't really care that we weren't in Dublin.  Now if only we could get our money back from RyanAir...

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KT and Lance said...

I love that nothing stops you 2 from having a good time! I hope you get your money back.... Have Marc ask for the manager again!