O Magnum Mysterium

We found a cigarette butt inside the knob of our cooking pot lid.

Marc was doing the dishes and this lid had some soapy water trapped inside the area where the knob is screwed on.  This happens all the time;  I just prop up the lids and let them drain over the course of an hour, but Marc felt compelled to get out his screwdriver, undo the thing, and dry it out.  I wanted to mock him for the nerdiness of it.  But as it turns out, he made a thrilling discovery.

A cigarette butt! Inside my pot lid!

It has captured my imagination completely.  The great mystery of it all!  I mean first of all, where did my pot come from, where was it made?  What factory worker came up with such an idea?!

I feel suddenly and delightfully connected to this mystery smoker by a twist of fate.  I want to find him and say, "We found your cigarette butt!  You know, the one you tucked inside a lid one day and thought no one would ever know?"  It was going to be their little secret, him and the pot.  It's like a message in a bottle that he thought no one would find.  It still smells of smoke.  And now I'm linked, by my pot, to a whimsical smoker out there somewhere.  I love this world.


Super L said...

What the? That is the weirdest thing I've heard in a long, long time.

KT and Lance said...

Just think, all this time you've been cooking with this pan, you've been getting a nicotine fix and you didn't even know it!

Thats pretty funny, and you approach it so diffrently than most people would. Some people would freak, call the company, complain, then try to sue them! Not you guys, you simply find the simple connection between you and some mysterious factory worker that was a smoker and had a sense of humor!

TheBenandKaties said...

The was a slightly eccentric (read: super weird) busboy at the Olive Garden in Logan. One of his duties was to roll silverware in napkins. Every once in a while he would roll a dollar bill around the knife. It was always funny to have a person say, "Um, I just found a dollar rolled around my knife. What should I do?" We would just smile and tell them that it was a gift from the silverware genie.

Katie said...

I here declare my love for eccentric-super-weird busboy.