Since English people love to crowd together for some mysterious and infuriating reason, I get to overhear about a zillion things everyday as people get all up in my space.  Sometimes what I overhear is so cute though that I'm actually glad I got crowded.  

I was sitting next to a family in the park the other day waiting for Marc to finish his half marathon (!), which he did, but I didn't see him go by even though I was watching like a hawk and we spent two hours worrying about each other because he couldn't find me, and I thought he was having a heart attack along the racetrack somewhere.  But anyway that's not the topic of this post.  I was sitting next to a little family while they waited for their dad to run in.  A 12-ish year old boy was picking on his 7-ish year old brother and their mom finally said, "now stop it you two!"  

And the 7 year old cried in desperation (English accent), "but all I want is my spot of revenge!  Just a spot of revenge and I never get it!" And he collapsed on the ground under the crippling weight of the unfairness of life.  And I got out my notebook and wrote down exactly what he said before I forgot.   


Singletonmd said...

Best story I have yet read! I love it!


T.A.T.I Crew said...

Oh.... sooo.....funny.

I am still laughing.

Don't we all deserve our spot of revenge?

Super L said...

Way to go Marc! Excellent.

And this story has now entered Meikle folklore, and will be passed down through the generations. Thank you.

Super L said...

Jennifer wants to know if he had a spot of tea after his spot of revenge?

Marc and Katie said...

you know...he probably did.