Over the weekend we headed out to Norfolk (which is in the east; it's part of the knob that sticks out of the right side of England). It feels a lot like a blend of Holland and northern California, and its entire coast is designated as an "Area of Exceptional Natural Beauty" (English longism for "pretty").

Norwich Cathedral - second highest in England! A symphony was practicing inside for their concert that night so it was echoing with music.

The stormy seas that night on the coast were amazing! The tide was so high all the piers were covered and the waves even washed up over parking lots.

We slept in the car on the coast -- cheap seaside accommodation! 

Check out the ghostly windmills out in the middle of the ocean. Who knew?

The marshlands

The beach the next day, with an incredibly low tide

Cool stratified chalk cliffs

Cambridge University -- it's pretty much like Oxford: ancient, beautiful, and slightly snobby

This was our most exciting pilgrimage destination that I think everyone in the world must be pining to see: The Mustard Museum & Shop, the spot where Colman's mustard began in 1814! The thrill of it all! It took us quite a while to find it but wandering though the pedestrianized centre of ancient Norwich was really fun. It was raining (see wet hair), it was charming, it was savory goodness.

Oh and speaking of food, I would like to send out a special thanks to LE MOON Chinese takeaway for their order mixing-up skills. Being poor, we spoiled ourselves by ordering 1 hot and sour soup and 1 cashew chicken to share. 15 minutes later we walked away with our order, and not until we opened it later did we discover that they'd mixed up the bags --- we were in possession of a massive feast! It was too late and too far to go back so we just took a moment to feel bad for the poor suckers who got our pathetic order (and who, we hope, realized immediately it was not right), and to thank the universe for sending us such good fortune. We realized that we've never had some kind of error in our favor like that before. I would've liked to find a bum to share it with :) but it was the stormiest night and no one was out and about. So we just ate and ate all the entrees and desserts that we would never have been able to afford ourselves!

If you're ever on the Norfolk coast, go to LE MOON...and check your order later. Unless you ordered a lot. Then check it right away.

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KT and Lance said...

I love the food mix up! I hope you enjoyed every bite!

You guys need to write a book i've decided. "our life in England" mix it up with some of Marc's limeriks, and just all your wonderful stories and pictures!