We successfully took our right-side-steering British car and drove on the 
right side of the road with it! Ambi-drive-strous. 

I am still processing our trip to northern France over Easter. It was a
stunning, resonant experience that really sparked some pondering about
human nature, war, life, love--you know, the usual. And as usual it's hard
to decide what and how to express what we did and what it meant. Poetry
is best for that sort of thing, my professors would say. Okay then.

In Normandy
I kept gasping, "I can't believe I'm seeing this",
twenty times a day
staring stunned at humanity's best and worst
60 years ago
600 years ago
1000 years ago--
death and pain, war and fear
transcendence and creation, hope, real love, and despair.
What we harbor in our collective memory
tells us who and why we are.
Earth's creation,
capable of despicable cruelty
and sublime transcendent love
sometimes in one place, in one person, in one act
we are destroyers, we are creators, we are the powers of God
bringing light with a word and death with a breath
and meaning to this mystery
as we visit and revisit our story.


The Hodges Family said...

Looks guys travel and enjoy the world constantly. Im jealous =) Miss you!

KT and Lance said...

I love the sunset pictures! So Beautiful!

KT and Lance said...

Oh, and those white cliffs, I've been there before! they pretty much rock!

Nate and Nicole said...

I've been to Normandy and it was incredible. I've also been to Monet's house and I got the WORST hayfever known to mankind and overdosed on Benadryl which made me find a couch at the Palace of Versaille and sleep. Memories.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Katie. Just lovely. :)