The country is abuzz with the big news...

What's missing in this picture?  A woman!  

Today it was announced that the Church of England has made a historic change:  women can now be ordained as bishops.  Women were already allowed to be priests (as of 1994, and that change inspired about 470 male priests to leave the church, many going to the Catholic church).  
But as of today, women can also be bishops! This is a big step up the ladder.  There is talk of a rebellion by church leaders in opposition, and a question of whether members of the church will accept the change.   

England is quickly secularizing (on the radio I heard an estimate that about 50% don't believe in God/organized religion) - and the church has to do something radical to survive.  Sometimes when Marc and I pop over to the church across the street to see Evensong or something, we are the only non-grey heads in the place.  The church is slowly dying, but who knows what this new radical change will bring? 

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