Kenilworth Carnival

Well, we missed the Fourth of July back home and the fantastic Kaysville Parade, complete with water section.  But Kenilworth kindly obliged us with a parade and carnival on July 5!  It's the annual Carnival, held since...who knows when, but we were happy to have some kind of a substitute for the fantastic holiday back home! 

(Marc battles the firemen in the water section of last year's parade in Kaysville)

A float in the Carnival back in the day - cool! 

We watched the parade from our living room windows.  
Here's a weird thing about parades here: the spectators give the parade participants stuff!  And not just stuff - money!  Spectators bust out big bags of loose change when they see the parade coming, and when you see a float you like, you throw money at them!  Here some kids are holding out their nets to catch flying tuppences.  Well I never! 

Safety warning on the rides at the portable carnival which was impressive.  They had some killer rides that would rival Lagoon!  But...

They also had attractions like this.  The strange old lady sat in the ticket booth for hours with no takers -- delightful! 


TheBenandKaties said...

That safety warning reminds me of a sign that I saw above a dentist office in Mexico. Directly translated it said- Specializing in children and cowards.

KT said...

I'm glad that you got some kind of celebration after all!! I'd put a float in the parade if I got money thrown at me! Talk about incentive to make an awesome float!