Another Festival

Well this weekend Kenilworth had its annual festival.  Unlike the Agricultural Show (which involves animals on parade), and the Carnival (which involves a parade and Lagoon-style rides), the Festival involves music and sports events.  
We sat on the lawn with our picnic (no ones dares go to any social event in this country without a picnic!) and had the music stage on the right, and the arena on our left, where kids competed in burlap-sack races, hula hoop contests and the like.  We cheered hard for the chubby kid in the burlap sack race who was still hopping along long after every other kid had finished. 

My favorite event on the music stage was a group of local rappers.  They were totally getto in a hip way (unlike myself.  Are you supposed to spell it getto or ghetto?) Their first rap was in praise of Kenilworth and went like this: 
"I'm goin, goin'. Back back. to Keni. Keni.  No one's gonna stop me.
Goin, goin'. Back back. to Keni Keni.  You know what it's worth. "

So we popped down to the library during the festival and found out they were hosting children's stories read by a local children's author.  His name is Wolfren Riverstick I am not kidding.  Yeah he was awesome.  Harley Davidson suspenders, sweet hat, pirate-like hair and hoop earring, tattoos, etc.  I had to snap a picture.  We walked in just as he was finishing up a story and the kids cheered.  
He said, "Whaht shall we 'ave next, then?  Shall we 'ear one of my books?"
The kids all answered an apathetic, sing-songy, "nooooo."   Awwwkwaaard! 

Cute little Dixieland band downtown.  The clarinetist in the middle is singing through the bell of his clarinet.  I believe they were singing the verse from When the Saints go Marching In that goes, "Oh when the sun, refuse to shine, oh when the sun refuse to shine..." Cause that's kind of the story with our weather lately.  At least we have fun festivals to distract us.


Olivia Meikle said...

This is awesome. I wish we could go! Also, I am pleased to see you have aquired a very English hat. Excellent.

Ranger said...

who knew Kenilworth was fostering a hip-hop underground?