A Tour of English Cuisine

The "cream tea" is what you must order if you want the authentic teatime treat.  You have fruit scones topped with clotted cream and jam.  mmmmmm! 

The "sunday roast" is a very popular tradition, and most upscale pubs and restaurants have a roast every Sunday.  Essential menu items include: yorkshire pudding (those round things), mash and veggies.  Oh, and a roast.  Everything should be swimming in gravy. 

The "jacket potato" is by far the most popular thing to buy for lunch.  If you look around the school cafes at lunch time, I guarantee at least 80% of diners are eating a tuna jacket potato: a baked potato topped with a tuna & mayo sludge.   We just can't get ourselves to eat this yet.  blech. 

The "flake 99" is everyone's favorite treat!  It's an ice cream cone with a flaky stick of chocolate stuck in it.  The ice cream really tastes like cream - fluffy, kind of like cool whip almost.  (No cool whip in this country, by the way).

Fish & chips & mushy peas can be found in pretty much any town, at local fish & chips stands.  The mushy peas are just that...mashed up peas which serve as a kind of sauce.  Haven't got ourselves to try those yet, either...but now that I think of it, that's just stupid.  It's now been decided that we're going for fish, chips and mushy peas for dinner tonight! 

Bangers and mash, ah, bangers and mash.  This is a kind of mum's-home-cooking classic.  You put a mound-- a mound, mind you-- of mash on your plate, then get a bunch of huge sausages and stick them in it.  This picture does not do it justice, nor are the sausages sufficiently stuck into the mound.  But you get the idea.  At a "welcome break" (like a freeway rest stop with restaurants) we once saw a man inhale a huge plate of bangers and mash at a truly terrifying rate.  He had mushy peas, too. 


Olivia Meikle said...

Ah, bangers. Truly one of the more disgusting foods I've eaten. And I had steak and kidney pudding, for goodness sake! However, I somehow avoided the tuna jacket potato.

And, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, now I really really miss clotted cream. WHY oh WHY won't the FDA let them import clotted cream! Sigh.

Also, you forgot Ribena! And really, really powerful ginger beer!

Ryan (Ranger) said...

I love Yorkshire Pudding! kind of a gregson sunday tradition as well.

Marc and Katie said...

Report: mushy peas are, I hate to say, kind of good. They taste like really thick split pea soup almost.