It's Crunch Time, Folks

I am currently on step five of six.  Drudgery, baby, oh yeah!  Naturally, now that I've actually written all the chapters, I discover that there were any number of easier ways to snag me a PhD.

See?  Apparently it really could have taken just 15 minutes a day and I could have produced a masterpiece.  Why didn't anyone get me this book?!

But okay so if I had to miss out on the 15-minutes-a-day secret, why wasn't I at least supplied with this inspirational doozy??

I really could have used the climbing-a-mountain metaphor, guys, I really think that would have given me courage to battle on!   

However, if I'd felt like giving up, it would have been nice to at least know that there were other options out there: 

Apparently, all I had to do was give these good folks my credit card number and they'd have waved a magic wand over my dissertation, transforming it into a New York Times Bestseller! Or, if even that seemed like too much work, I could have just shelled out cash for the actual dissertation.  
"I'd like a 400-page dissertation on Tudor musicians, please.  Make it good."  
"Coming right up!"  
There's even a sale going on right now.  Really missed the boat on this one! 

So really all I've got to show for my years at Warwick so far is some blood, sweat and tears, and a bazillion pages to edit.  And a gazillion footnotes to double-check.  I'm starting to think that I'm really doing this the hard way.     


KT and Lance said...

You are a stud! I can't even phathom a paper like that! The research, the thinking, writting, organizing, ect......You are the best procrastinator I know, and amazingly enough, you always pull it off! You will do great, and can't wait to see you on the best sellers list!

Super L said...

I have totally missed my calling! I should be writing motivational dissertation how-to books! I have a picture of me on a mountain! I have a vague understanding of the dissertation writing process . . .

Beth Rhoades said...

YOU CAN DO IT! Climbing a mountain is only putting one foot in front of the other...oh, you wanted that two years ago? Sorry.