Wherever the Cheapest Flight Takes Us

I never would have thought we'd set foot on the Canary Islands but Ryan Air's deals determine where we go, so off to the little islands we went, near the African coast.

Sidenote: these picture aren't photoshopped or color-enhanced in any way. We got to see the sun while we were there! the sun!!  ahem. To continue....

Have you seen the documentary Long Way Round? It chronicles Ewan McGreggor and Charlie Boorman's motorcycle trip around the world, and it's one of my favorite shows ever.  Anyway, all around the world Ewan McGreggor kept happening across places that compelled him to say, "this is really so much like Scotland!"

But can there really be that many places that are like Scotland?  Or was it all in his head, the fleeting whisper of home that made him see it everywhere he went?    

Maybe there are an equal number of places that are just like Utah. (Incidentally, Scotland reminds me of Utah.)  Or maybe I carry that fleeting whisper of home with me, too.  I sometimes wonder if it's a sign that I have a yearning for home. And sure, I must.  But, to be honest, at this point in my life I'd rather be here than there.  So why is it that I take Utah with me everywhere I go?  It's got to be built deep into my DNA.

But my psychological delving aside, you have to admit that it really does look like Utah.  Doesn't it?

The Canary Islands are Hawaii-Spain-Utah.  And they are the spot from which Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.  I've always disliked the guy, but you know, staring out at the endless ocean from the beach, I thought how terrified I would be to sail out into that unknown.  I would never do it.  That guy had guts.

And this is the house where he stayed.  Anytime we can find a destination that combines history with hiking, we're both very happy.  And Gran Canaria had the added bonus of free camping! All you have to do is pretend you're a local.  This can, in fact, be done even if you have the whitest of white skin and you don't speak Spanish.  Nice way to keep the cost of travel down.  And to wake up to a chorus of a million birds in the centre of paradise.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, looks like Canada to me.

The Hodges Family said...

Looks beautiful! Wonderful experience and memories....awesome!

Beth Rhoades said...

This looks like some parts of Oakland when I lived there, palm trees and random color houses.

Super L said...

That's funny, because we both thought Nerja in southern spain looked just like (the mountains behind) Ogden. Only with the mediterranean sea. And, like, pretty.

I think we do always try to find home everywhere. Part of our attempts to believe that "everywhere is really the same"?

Cam said...

So, will the British airline strike be affecting your future travel plans?

Katie said...

Wow, has that made the news over there?!
No, British Airways is far too posh for the likes of us! :) We stick to the budget airlines like Ryan Air, whose employees are not even unionized, I believe. Too bad for all the rich travelers whose expensive flights have disappeared into the mist!