This is my poem about visitors

this is my poem about visitors
--they stayed for almost a month, all of us crammed together--
and this is the poem I am trying to write
to say how this May
so crammed with family and love and joy
reminded me of what matters

so this is the poem I'm writing about our visitors
but I'm discovering there's no way to convey
how delightful it is so to show my world to people
who are as enchanted by it as I am

and how delightful it is to take from my oven foods they will devour

and to wake every morning in my living room, 
to two smiling kids
who slept under the stairs in my little flat

this is the poem that can't say anything really
about love 
and how sad I am to see them go

nor does it describe all the things we've seen
or the tragic fates we've narrowly escaped
or the calories consumed

this is the poem that is all I can say
about having them here until today


The Hodges Family said...

LOVE the poem! And how awesome to have Daniel and his wife and kids come visit ESPECIALLY for so long! Fun fun memories!

Super L said...

Sigh. Jealous.