Ode to Kaysville on the Fourth of July

July 4th 2007:  Richard & Andy (marc's bros); Marc, in snorkel gear;
Sam (my bro), and three of Richard's kids

On the fourth of July
Might as well sit and cry
If you simply cannot be in K-town.

The smell of the grills
In each backyard just thrills,
As parties convene around K-town.

Any other parade
Is just a charade
Imitating what goes down in K-town. 

Though the rule is half-hidden,
Candy-throwing's forbidden;
We put safety first here in our K-town. 

But the first thing we see? 
Our cops hurling with glee
Pounds of taffy they bought in old K-town. 

Massive cheers on command
For the DHS band:
It employs every third kid in K-town.

But no spectacle beats
The mass brawl in the streets
That's the water fight all over K-town.

The firemen's hoses
Spray up hundreds of noses
It's ingenious! our parade in K-town.

The fireworks at night
Garner ahhs of delight
Just as any big show outside K-town.

If for just a short while,
Every face is a smile
In my beloved American K-town.  


The Hodges Family said...

Love this picture and poem!! Aw...good memories of childhood holidays....miss them so!

Singletonmd said...

I think the last time I was at the Kaysville parade Marc had his own float (okay he was in the bed of a truck) and it was awesome! Correct me if I am thinking of someone else. But I also miss the water fight!

Mariann said...

Marc and Katie, I love reading your blog. Thanks for the peek into your English world. I have not given up on the idea of getting over there.
Love, Aunt Mariann

Marc and Katie said...

Marc did have his own "float" for a few years running! It said "MARC". :) It was so funny, as he drove through the parade everyone would cry out, "It's Marc! Hi Marc! Hooray, Marc!" Brilliant.

Marc and Katie said...

Hi Mariann! Well GET OVER HERE already! ;)

KT and Lance said...

Ahhhh...I love the ode to the K-town parade! I think I loved it even more this year, just because I don't live there anymore, and because it was 72 degrees!

Kelli said...

Yep, you hit it right on the head. I appreciated it more than ever this year.

And yes, I had to tell everyone who would listen about Marc's float. Wasn't it the final float our senior year? What a way to end a parade!