Things I Miss

$.89 bean burritos. And all Mexican food, really.

my books - safely (?) stored in mom & dad's garage

the prospect of hot summers

American friendliness


I've never really thought about Little Debbies but they were in my dream last night so I must miss them.

the Kaysville Theatre


Super L said...

Morphogenic field--just yesterday (while you were dreaming about them) I suddenly remembered Little Debbies, and missed them. Mmmmm, nutty bars . . .

At least you can get books in English!

KT and Lance said...

what about oreo's? I thought those would be first on the list? Come to the "wild wild west" we have all the Mexican food you'd ever want! In fact, I cook it on a regular basis! You have makings for Salsa, make some, and have taco builds ups!

Nate and Nicole said...

The Kaysville Theatre is where it's at. My mom loved your comment about my KFC at school. Haha. I told her it was exactly correct too!