Friday Morning on High Street

my beloved High Street, Kenilworth 

Since I have no news I will just tell you what has gone past my window this morning as I check my email.

A bunch of little kids are walking to school in cute red uniforms complete with red caps.

A man on a makeshift two-wheeled cart pulled by a horse cruised by at the speed of a car!

An old man with a cane in each hand walked by veerrrrryy slowly with the morning paper hanging in a bag from one cane.

A "mum" with three noisy, excited kids made her way to the park with two (empty) strollers and a baby in her arms, hollering at two toddlers to stay close to her as she crossed the street.

The accountant in the building across the street (who works at his window like me, we are window friends) is studying his computer with his hand on his chin and big black glasses.

A man just pulled a broken bicycle out of his trunk and is pushing it to the bike shop down the road.

The milkman just drove by on his golf cart (pulling a train of trailers full of tinkling glass bottles of milk)

A thirty-something man who looks like he just got out of bed is pushing a fully-awake toddler to the park in a stroller. 

An old man on a very old bicycle with big handlebars just rode by.

Wind is rustling the blossoms on the trees. A very hunched old woman in a lavender coat just went into the hair dressers.

What's going on where you are?


KT and Lance said...

I totally love this post.... even whe you have supposidly "nothing" going on.... you can turn nothing into something!

The Hodges Family said...

VERY COOL! Tried to imagine it =) Wish I had time to sit and figure out whats really going on in my world....