Welcome October!

Best month of the year? October, no contest! Walking around town today has been pure delight. A bright sun, a blustery wind, and leaves just beginning to turn bright red and yellow. Piles of leaves, harvest celebrations, and the best weather of the year! England has a fun tradition of the Harvest Home, when farmers would hold a feast for all their workers once the whole harvest had been brought in.
According to Warwickshire folklore, When berries are many in October, expect a hard winter.
Well the berry picking has been slim this Autumn compared to last, so hopefully it's good news!
Another bit of folklore says, Always will there be 29 fine days in October... so it's one down, 28 to go.

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KT and Lance said...

The leaves changed that much in a week? I bet it's beautiful, but I do have to say, Utah's leaves rock! Flying over the Rocky Mountains last week gave me a birds eye view of the beautiful red, orange, and gold leaves! I can't believe I've been home for a week, I'm missing the relaxion I found in England!