You've Been Here Too Long When...

  • You've come to accept that from the moment you wake up in the morning it's quite unlikely that you're going to see the sun
  • You have learned the difference between pasty and pastry
  • You say "cheers mate" more than twice a day, and "sorry" at least five times a day
  • You realize the most important religion is not Christianity but Rugby
  • You don't even notice it's raining anymore
  • ...But you keep thinking that the car you just saw was driven by nobody 
  • It seems perfectly natural that to wash your hands, you must either boil your hands in 90ยบ water (from the hot tap) or ice them in the cold tap. 
  • Blowing your nose loudly and burping in the library is something normal
  • You have finally come to realize that no matter how weird your clothes are, people just won't care
  • You 'hoover' your rugs.
  • You're convinced that tea is a food group
  • You find yourself discussing what brand of baked beans is the best, and that doesn't scare you
  • You expect all four seasons in one day
  • You are no longer caught off guard by shop attendants asking "you alright?" out of the blue
  • You've been asked for a "light" by a 9 year old
  • You've given in to silently enduring the agony of waiting patiently in the ubiquitous English queue
  • You are addressed as "my lovie, star, diamond, treacle, sugarplumb, honey, darling, sweetheart", and other nicknames your parents use for each other
  • You have been addressed as "young squire" 
  • You reflexively reach to pull a string to turn on the light or get water from the shower


Super L said...

Jennifer found your blog via mine, and told me she loves your banner photo. In fact, it's her computer wallpaper now. When I told her it was Hadrian's Wall, she liked it even more. (having lived in Scotland and all . . .)

Marc and Katie said...

That's awesome! I feel so special. :)
Hadrian's Wall is my favorite place in the world, I think!

Super L said...

She said it was iconic, like a "fairy tale picture." I agreed.