A Little Winter Never Hurt Anybody

I finally remembered to grab the camera in time to get a shot of Marc heading out the door on his morning commute.  People around here think he's crazy; I think he's inspiring.  Maybe it's a fine line. 

When we dreamed up this lifestyle, where we would live out on the edge of the water miles outside of town, and where he would commute to town on bicycle throughout the depths of winter, we knew it was going to be extreme.  

Extremely awesome!  

Of course, I'm the one that gets to stay bundled up at home all day.  But Marc has been pretty pumped about this aspect of our experimental lifestyle, too. 

Read the aticle he wrote for the Cape Ann Beacon (local newspaper) and see if he doesn't inspire you too!  

click to enlarge ... also, enjoy the misspelling of his name at the end.

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Beth Rhoades said...

I love it Marc. Sam would agree with you and Connolly on the bad clothing bit. We both own a coat for every single type of weather possible (which equals six for each of us). Good on ya.