Frequently Asked Questions

here are the answers to some popular questions:

Wait a second, you moved to England?
Righto, old chap! We are both “attending university” (as they say). Katie’s doing a History PhD on 16th century musicians, Marc’s doing a Philosophy Masters in an accelerated one-year program that’s kicking his butt!

Where’s all your stuff, did you take it with you?
No, we didn’t really take anything with us besides what we could fit into two suitcases each!  Getting rid of everything before we moved was a huge project.  It’s amazing how much crap you accumulate. And it was also amazing how hard it was to get rid of it! We get so attached to things.  (You should have seen Katie's bags and bags and bags of shoes alone! - scary)  Over here we rent a furnished flat so we have everything we need. And we’ve discovered we don’t miss any bit of that mountain of junk we left behind.

Where in England do you live?
We live in Kenilworth, “in the heart of the historic heart of England.” It’s basically right in the middle. It’s a smallish town that’s been around since the Middle Ages, and we live on High Street, the oldest street in town! We live in a flat above the butcher and the baker (we just need a candlestick maker). Across the street is a 12th century church, and down the street is Kenilworth Castle! We love it here, love it love it! I swear no one under 100 years old lives here except us, but that makes it even more fun.

What school is it?
The University of Warwick. Never heard of it? We hadn’t either. Turns out, it’s among the top five schools in the UK – so you have Oxford, Cambridge, London Uni, Warwick, and some other school we can’t remember. We only learned it existed because Katie’s major professor at USU told her to apply there. Now we live here. Thanks, Norm!

Don’t they drive on the left side of the road over there? Do you have a car?
Yes they do and it is mind-bending for the first few weeks! We bought a moped, which was a good way to get around all the insurance/legal issues of buying a car as foreigners. The moped gets us around locally, faster than cars (goodbye traffic jams) and it’s way cheaper (petrol over here is $8/gallon). The moped’s name is Gracie; she was christened by the grungy tow truck operator who picked her up after the police recovered her when she was stolen, but that’s another story.

Can we come visit you?
Uh…hello….YES!! Come on already!

So are you a Harry Potter fan?
Uh…hello…YES!! We read the 7th one over here, it was fun to read it in Harry’s own country. At King’s Cross station in London, they now have a “platform 9 ¾” pillar. Oh – and we just got sorted by the sorting hat in Stratford-upon-Avon. In Europe’s oldest magical spell shop, we were sorted -- Katie: Hufflepuff, Marc: Slytherin! This does not bode well.

What is the time difference (Utah to England)?
We had the New Year 7 hours before Utah. Suckers! ☺

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