Gelato: It's Not Just For Richies Anymore

They had gelato in ancient Rome and Egypt, which I think is just wonderful. It was made from ice and snow. And during the Renaissance they had gelato at the grand banquets of the Medici family in Florence.

Of course, back then, lowlife nobodys like you and me (and Marc, and Dan, who we magically met up with in Venice) couldn't just stroll along the water-filled streets, buying another gelato every couple blocks. Nope, gelato used to be only for the rich and famous. And so even though the art and architecture, philosophy and fashion, and everything about the Italian Renaissance fascinates me, I'd still choose to live now, because even one bite of pistachio gelato makes it all worth it. Here's to being a lowlife nobody in a non-Renaissance age. Here's to frozen decadence for a mere €1.

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KT and Lance said...

It looks so good! It's about 94 degrees outside today, I've been out mowing the lawn, and want something cold and fatening so bad!!!!