You Know What's Great?

christmas morning

  • Sitting with a three-year-old who is singing "Jingle Bells" on a crowded train full of tired grumpy adults, and watching all their miserable faces start to brighten.
  • Minding your own business at your computer until you hear that same three-year-old call from the bathroom, "Katie, I'm going poo-poo too!"  And hollering back, "Good job!"
  • Receiving a mysterious special delivery--with no sign of its sender--from a freezing but cheery old postman on a bicycle.
  • A Christmas count-down paper chain sent to you by your sister and full of masterfully-selected Christmas quotes.
  • Stonehenge at solstice time.
  • Matt's Christmas morning gift of a full-blown Riverdance in dangerously short running shorts (no, he does not know how to Irish dance). 
  • Ringing in the new year with ten bazillion streamers and party poppers, creating a joyous and wonderful mess beyond anything before created in this flat.
  • Family.    To all you who live close to family -- luckyyy!


The Hodges Family said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like it was quiet but nice. Sending our California love your way...

KT and Lance said...

Kids always make Christmas that much better!!! Whatr a cute little lady you had with you!

I love that you went to London!!!! I bet it was beautiful, and I can't even begin to imagine the crowds!!!

I was thinking of you and Marc last night!!!! I was really wanting so fish and chips!!!! Las Cruces, just dosen't have them like you have them!