Dear 2009,

I'm sad to be bidding you farewell.  Because after a little reflection, I've realized that you were the best year of my life.  I vivdly remember ringing in New Year 2000.  And now the decade is over.  The decade!  Could I have imagined where the 10 years would take me? They took me to you, 2009, a year so surreal that I'm still fully expecting to suddenly wake up in a trailer park in West Ogden and say "I just had the craziest, most wonderful dream".

Maybe I'll name you the Year of Travel because I visited 13 countries in 12 months (ha! it's funny when I say it like that).  Or maybe I'll dub you the Year of Self-Discovery because I finally feel like I'm following Nietzche's advice to "become who you are".  Or maybe I'll call you The Year I Finally Got Me Some Self-Control because Lord knows that's never been a strength of mine but this year I lost those stubborn pounds that had slowly built up over the years and improved my horrific posture and you know those were grand victories I won against myself. Then again perhaps I should call you the Year of Hosting because geez we had--what--11 different visitors and hallelujah for it!  Or maybe you're the Year of Oatmeal and Apples mmmmmm.

But no matter what I call you, a year by any other name would smell as sweet.  And yeah, 2009, I guess you smelled pretty good.  So, still clinging to you in fondness, I'll work my way through the January blahs and try to do some teaching (ick) and schoolwork (heave).  And make some plans so 2010 does you proud.


The Hodges Family said...

Thats awesome Katie! Most people I have spoken to or know...did not have a good 2009 and were happy to start a new year. Its awesome to hear what a great year it has been for you! Its been a pleasure and joy to read your travels, struggles, joys, inner thoughts, etc all throughout the year. Look forward to many more blog readings =) xoxox

Super L said...

I don't think 2010 can beat 2009 without another trip to China.

What? I'm just sayin'.