Remember, Remember

...the fifth of November!

It's Guy Fawkes Day again, praise the heavens for another day of bonfires, fireworks and the burning of effigies.  So what I like about this holiday is that each year, not only do the English burn Guy Fawkes on bonfires the size of your house, they also burn effigies of anyone now living who really got the people's knickers in a twist this year.  Social Organizations get together and carefully plan whose effigies they will lovingly construct in order to burn them to high heaven on Bonfire Night.  During the outset of the Iraq War, they burned Tony Blair; when Becket went to Hollywood they burned him too; one particularly annoying teen pop star was burned last year, you get the idea.  Anyway so I was looking forward to seeing who would get burned this year.  There's the perennial Gordon Brown, who in my opinion is just an embarrassing human in general (I mean eeew), but the real show-stopper this year is the three little pigs.  The three of them have their faces stuffed into a trough, gobbling greedily.  One pig is labeled as "Politicians" (re: this year's Parliament expenses scandal, which is ongoing), the other is labeled "Bankers" (re: the recession and UK bankers' amazingly outrageous bonuses they are still paying themselves), and the third pig is....

wait for it....

"parking charges at doctors offices".  wah?  One of these pigs is not like the others.

But whatever.  Bonfires, fireworks, toffee apples, and the widespread spirit of rebellion.  Bring it on!

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KT and Lance said...

Thats so funny! In America someone would Sue you for burning a them!

I love the "farewell" to the good old days! Makes me laugh, you are one tuff cookie to be a professor! You have my ut-most respect!

Your Halloween Haiku, brilliant!