Pilgrimage to a "Temple"

I don't think anyone in the world gets as excited about Natural History museums as Marc does.  We hadn't even been to London's famous one yet, but when they opened up a huge new Darwin exhibit, we could put it off no longer!  We went during the opening weekend of the exhibit and Marc seriously almost died of bliss. He went through the exhibit twice, while I hustled over to the Victoria & Albert Museum to gawk at Elizabethan furniture and household items.  Total nerds. 

The Temple of Marc, otherwise known as the Natural History Museum, 
and the ice skating rink they set up for Christmas.  I love London.  

Inside -- so classic

In Hyde Park (which we passed through on our epic walk from the train station to the museum) there is a corner designated as "Speakers' Corner", where anyone can take up a post on a stool and have their say about anything.  There were about 10 different people giving speeches from mini-pulpits while we were there, but this guy was the best, cooly smoking a cigarette while he pontificated on the similarities of world religions.

Marble Arch at Hyde Park

My two favorite animals.  Happily, these are models and not the art of taxidermy. Natural History museums are weird.  I feel vaguely guilty, walking around staring at all the dead, stuffed animals, killed for humans to stare at.  Marc claims they all died of natural causes.  
I also feel like I'm gazing into the past, into Victorian science, which is cool, I guess. 

The famous "Harrods" has the best Christmas lights up and some seriously impressive window displays.  Did some Christmas shopping.  Even people like Marc like shopping at Christmas, as long as the ubiquitous English crowds are held at bay! 

We had fish and chips and watched the ice skaters near the museum.  
Best part: seeing big burly men in Harley Davidson jackets doing big cartoony biffs!


Super L said...


I beg to differ. My children get as excited as Marc about Natural History Museums. A day at the Chicago Field Museum sends them into paroxysms of delight.

I also feel that way about taxidermy animals at museums. Especially the baby polar bears at ours. Also, I am never QUITE sure that they aren't going to suddenly reanimate, ala Night at the Museum, and rip my throat out.

But I still wish I could go with you.

KT and Lance said...

I never thought of taxidermy like that! My kids love seeing the stuffed dead ones as much as the real ones! Plus, they don't stink!

Didn't you ice skate? How could you be in such a wonderful place and just watch? Get out there you 2!!! I came during the wrong season!

Kelli said...

Ahhh! You were in my neighborhood! When I did my study abroad in London, I lived in South Kensington, near the V&A. I could have directed you to the tastiest baguette sandwiches I still drool for on Gloucester Road. So jealous!

Marc and Katie said...

well by all means DO TELL! Marc is so in love with the museum we'll be back again and again -- so what is this magical baguette sandwich place?

Kelli said...

Okay, take the Gloucester Road tube stop. Then start walking north toward Hyde Park. About halfway to the park, on your left will be a small sandwich shop, presumably with a line out the door (I never caught the name!). Try the chicken and sweet corn with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber on that hot, buttery baguette...Ahhh....my mouth is watering! I hope for your sake it is still there!
(Then walk along the park on Kennsington street, say hello to my old flat on 44 Hyde Park Gate, past Royal Albert Hall, right on Exhibition Rd and you've found yourself back to the museums. What a lovely walk you'll have!)