Wear 90 Pounds of Armor with a Blinding Helmet, Bolt a Shield to Your Body and Try to Knock the Other Guy Off His Horse. Also known as Jousting.

Fun times at the castle today.  Tudor jousting was done for the first time in four hundred years!  And there was nothing fake about it!  They were in it for real, with completely historically accurate weapons.  It actually made me nervous. 

King Henry VIII was there along with the infant Princess Elizabeth,  musicians, a jester, players, and all the accouterments of an elaborate court.  It was bloody brilliant!

Marc took this awesome picture of the Eagle Owl.  I love the typically English guy in the bottom right, too.  He seems to be the only non-tourist in the bunch!

The King and a lady of the court, above.  And the French knight, below.  He lost, but was very "chivalrous".  The little boys sitting next to us cheered him on with spirit, as did Marc.  The rest of us faithful patriots cheered for the English knight, who won!  I do know how to pick the winning team.  I cheered for Manchester United in the European cup and see how that turned out! 

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