Philosophy of Mind and ActionnnnGlaven!!

This is me in the middle of preparing a course paper (each of the four taught 'modules' I'm taking this year is assessed by a single culminating essay (no pressure!)).

A bit of very welcome good news: after five months on my course I'm finally settling in, finding the right pace, and growing accustom to the British styles of education and speech.  The best result of this is that I'm finally enjoying a taste of success in my work; I'm getting some good feedback from my lecturers; I'm able now to pay attention to the content of lectures instead of being distracted by not knowing for example what the heck 'naff' means (it means the opposite of cool, like 'dorky'); I'm able to contribute to my seminars with something meaningful rather than a pretentious look of actual incomprehension. 

Normally I would hesitate to self-promote so shamelessly, but the fact is that I have, before now, been struggling through my coursework with some embarrassment.  Chalk it up to any number of factors, but the point is that, in contrast with my previous hardships, my recent taste of success has been quite uplifting.  So now I presume to share it with the world.  (Crazy interweb!)


Ryan said...

Good form, chap! hear, hear! (or is it here here?)

Marc and Katie said...

Katie here. aren't marc's nostrils amazingly round?

Clyda and John said...

Hellloooo Marc and Katie. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Found your blog from Kelli's. Totally jealous of you guys living in England. Visted it there about a year and a half ago and absolutely fell in love with the place. Live it up while you can.

P.S. Do you guys live near Warwick Castle? Gotta love the old british people living in their ancient homes. Good time.

Marc and Katie said...

Wow! if it isn't good old Clyda! We went in search of your blog - and that is a cute child you have there! We do live near Warwick Castle -- just down the road a ways. Okay now we've got talking about it and we disagree over how far away it is. :) So after sticking to our guns (both to our respective guesses) we made a bet on it. I say it is two miles away, Marc says it is five (no way!) ..... now you will get to participate in the excitement. mapquest.

...and the verdict? hm. Marc wins. whatever.

Clyda and John said...

Sorry, should have left my blog address, but who doesn't enjoy a little treasure hunt, eh?! Okay, so I have been to your little city (well before you lived there), but I thought it was such a beautiful place. Still completely jealous you're living there. Ahhhh I guess I will just have to live vicariously through you guys. Enjoy!