10 Reasons to Cheer

1.  The thermometer finally moved up above 60 degrees.  When it's that warm, it means you can take your morning cup of tea right out onto the rock.   You might feel compelled to dance jigs barefoot in your pajamas, tea cup in hand.

2. Relatives from Utah came to Cape Ann to visit our little coastal heaven.  They made exclamations of joy.  They scoured the coast for sea glass.  They offered up a stunningly generous graduation gift.  They agreed to go out with Marc in the canoe.  

3.  This moment right here:

4.  And here:

no cell phones were harmed in the filming of this canoe disaster.
Plus,  the kids were both game to go out paddling right afterwards!  
 5.  Then there's this charming brother-sister scene...

 6. ...Which is especially poignant for me, since that very evening I got to witness the triumphs of my own brother, who shared my childhood.  We are growing up.

7.  His own doctoral showdown happened only a week after mine.  But his was more fun (for the rest of us): a full-blown big band concert of his own compositions at the New England Conservatory in Boston.  

The Daniel Henderson Big Band (Daniel is crossed-eyed on the left)
8.  His performance, his music, and even his more-than-expert band, was a delightful expression of Danielness.   I'll steal a line from his concert notes.  Daniel was describing Stravinsky, but I think it describes his own music perfectly: "a blend of charm, humor, and derangement."  It was obvious the band was having a fantastic time, as was the audience!

He sings, too!
9.  Not to be overshadowed by a doctoral jazz concert, is our ownership of a particularly excellent toy.  With our Stomp Rocket (thanks Meikles!), we devised a Dodge-the-Rocket game that entertains both children and adults.  Someone will almost certainly lose an eye.  

10.  Last weekend, the sun came out, we ventured outdoors once again, and visitors big and small ran along our coast, pulled our croquet cart frantically around the lawn, swung in the tire swing giggling, and cooked hot dogs over a bonfire on the edge of the water while the bright pink and purple sun set over the ocean. 
Spring is here, and I feel us coming alive again. 

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jamatukk said...

Yeah I LOVE IT! So cute and so glad we were able to come see you and make some wonderful memories together. Probably one of my favorite things was spending the day at the Cape Ann, with you guys. So wonderful and yes oh yes I got all my treasures home, the sea glass and a most wonderful buoy, I will send pictures one of these days. Thanks again Love Britt