Love Letters to Halloween

I love this holiday almost as much as I love my family on this holiday. There is such a bittersweetness in being far away during the holiday season. On the one hand, there is that romantic melancholy in isolation, and their greatness is of course only enhanced from afar. But oh! to go to one of our elaborate Henderson Halloween parties!

hendersons on halloween 2009: England, Boston, China, and Utah

Anyway we had a holiday-inspired spate of haiku writing on our communal website, and the results are poetic enough that I thought I would post them here in the hopes that a literary agent will happen upon this blog and pay us £10,000 to publish our literary genius.

Or, I could just post them in the spirit of the great American holiday. These are our haiku love letters to October 31. Oh Halloween have I told you lately how much I love you? ...And how bout you, Hendersons?

The dead come to life
on Hallow's Eve, and we light
their way with lanterns

Bloody thumbs. Gouged eyes.
Intestines hemorrhaging.
Must be Halloween.

Quick Lobotomy
A cold steel knife disembowels
Jack-o-Lantern smiles

Snakes wound in my hair
Slowly descend to shoulders
Medusa Undone

I light a candle
There are already scratches
In my coffin lid

A witch! Eek! Rats! Aaaaahh!
What, don't you have any guts?
A ghost offended.

My chance to escape.
But my legs remain motionless!
What was in that drink?!


Super L said...

Holy Morphogenic Field!

I just made almost exactly the same post! Woah. But I want the picture of Marc devouring his werewolf cake--do you have it?

The Hodges Family said...

What awesome pictures! Great post! Happy Halloween!