Chinesey Pictures

Thanks to our post-trip jet lag, we cannot stay awake later than 9:30pm, and wake up long before dawn. It's fun to be early morning people again, with plenty of time to have big breakfast feasts before Marc is off to work at 7. Perfect timing, because I have been developing an obsession with breakfast over the past couple months. I mean, how inspiring is this?

We are still discovering little ways China has given us a new perspective, and internally processing it all will probably take much longer than the three days before my cousin Chris arrives and a whole new adventure begins! Trying to cram in a few days of work/research in the mean time is certainly not boding well. Always that mental struggle: do we really care about a stupid job/degree when there is so much other stuff to do? Time is short, the world is wide. So many things to try for breakfast.

THANK YOU, my dear big sister, for such a once-in-a-lifetime trip!!!


The Hodges Family said...

What an awesome slideshow! Looks like such a good time you had with Livi. Glad youre safe back home and ready for your next adventure.

Ryan (Ranger) said...

I shouldn't look at that breakfast site on an empty stomach.

Super L said...

I hope it's at least twice in a lifetime . . . Next year perhaps?