Like the Narnia books, except in soda form

C.S. Lewis once said that no one was writing the books he wanted to read, so he wrote them. We've decided to apply this idea to sodas. And we have started home brewing. Intimidating at first, but, like everything else in the kitchen, turns out it's way easier than it seems.

Blackberry creme soda, anyone? Or how about Apple Pie a la Mode soda, served with butter cookies? I'd better jog my heart out to stave-off a soda belly, because I can't believe how good it tastes. I wish we had a replicator so I could send you some, straight from Marc's imagination to your mouth.

And yes, he is wearing a pink zebra apron. Just wanted to be clear.


Karina - Mitcheal said...

Yum! I'll take a blackberry creme please. Hey, I wanted to let you guys know I made my blog private so I think if you go to my blog and send me your email address I'll send you an invite. Good luck with the home brewing!

Super L said...

So, can we assume some of that will be finding it way to us in a suitcase soon? Yum.

I made my own Ribena spritzer, does that count?

KT and Lance said...

sounds so yummy!

I love the blackberry picking! Did you have as many spiders in the cemetary this time?

The "getting Eglished" was so funny! I enjoyed every min of reading it! I hate getting touched by people I don't know, I can only imagine how annoying it would be!