A visit

{Aunt} Lori and {cousin} Molly came to visit for a couple days on the tail end of their tour of England.  Party time! and these two photos are the whole of all the pictures I took.  Nice.  

Above is Anne Hathaway's cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon (in this case Anne Hathaway is Shakespeare's wife, not Miss Princess Diaries).  Cute huh? I want it bad.

And here is Molly trying to sneak out of the picture before I have time to take it.  Oh Molly, Molly.  Methinks thou dost perilously underestimate the stunning speed of my little trigger finger. 

Now.  Our floor space and impressive collection of air mattresses are readily available. Who's next?! 

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Singletonmd said...

ME! I am next. *sigh. . . now just to find them time off and funding. I shall prevail!!!