Family Reunion

What to do when they are having a huge family reunion back home without you? Have your own mini-version. The Merrill reunion (Mom's family; huge) was underway in Utah, and by chance my long-lost cousin Erica just so happened to be in London on study abroad.

So we had a reunion. Except rather than sit around at picnic tables chatting about what we've been up to for the past 5 years (no offense big reunion, love ya), we decided to take a row boat up to the castle, wander the woods in search of a Medieval murder site, and also see if three adults can fit on one 50-cc moped. It can be done.

And we hadn't realized til now that the concept of family reunions is a foreign one over here. Families are so small that you just "have your (only) brother and his family round for dinner, with granny", and that's the extent of an English "reunion". People are always shocked when they find out that both Marc and I come from families with 6 kids. In Utah, that info doesn't bat a single eyelid, but over here it's cause for gasping and staring and stunned speechlessness. Yep. Utah. It's weird and wonderful.


The Hodges Family said...

Looks like fun! 3 of you on one moped! ...awesome! Go with those skinny genes! =) Im sure it was a great time enjoyed by all.

Super L said...

At least you had a cousin around. I was deprived of even my husband and left to hang out with only the kids and the Ayi!

The other day I told my tutor I had about 40 cousins. She almost fell off the chair.

KT and Lance said...

I may be odd getting to close to poisenous creatures, but only you would go in search of a Medieval murder site!

Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that! ;)