yes we did

Here is the badge of honor we both earned yesterday.  We had Wimbledon fever, and once we remembered that we lived just a couple hours away from where all the action was happening, we had to go.  


6:22 am: driving away from our doorstep

8:58 am: arriving at the end of the infamous "Queue".  We are 11,424th in line.  Seriously. 

11:30 am: still in the queue, the sun is hot

1:30 pm: still in the queue, the sun is still hot

3:30 pm: still in the queue, searching for bits of shade

4:50 pm: still in the queue, staring at the end in sight, sunburned

5:04 pm: disbelief that we actually just stepped inside!

We drove for 4 hours.  We experienced "The Queue" for a full 8 hours.  And we watched tennis at Wimbledon for 4 hours.   A Saturday well spent. ;) 

I can confirm two things about the Wimbledon tournament: first, they do play on real grass. I had a pointless conspiracy theory that the grass was fake.  Second, the players really are young. Marc kept insisting that we were accidentally watching the junior/youth tournament until we started recognizing faces.  They look so much older on TV (why?) but I can indeed confirm that the 30 best tennis players in the world are in fact my age and much younger.  And dang they're good. 


T.A.T.I Crew said...

How fantastic. I would have loved to be there.

Is it wrong that I want to live my life vicariously through you?

Anonymous said...

You guys are pretty much the coolest people I know.

Super L said...

But WHO did you see? How could you leave that part out? Sheesh . . .

Marc and Katie said...

oh! well we saw Andy Roddick (USA! USA! USA!) win, we came in just at the end of his match. Then we saw women's doubles with Petrova from Russia, she is so much more angry in real life, fun/scary to watch, and Sorana Cirstea (Romania) who looks just like Karina Baird (Karina are you reading this?) -- so we called her Karina and cheered hard. :) She lost.
Then we saw mixed doubles, an exciting match because it was India vs Britain, and all the Indians living in England came out to cheer for the Indians -- a huge crowd all cheering for England to lose. It was great. And England did lose!

The Hodges Family said...

Very guys sure get to experience much more than most people I know...I love reading your stories and looking at the pictures...Love and miss ya!

Karina - Mitcheal said...

I'm so glad you saw me at Wibledon! I've always wanted to be good at tennis. I'm very glad to know I can successfully check that off the list.

Also, Katie, I just finished a book that I think you would like. It's called Pope Joan, a historical fiction set in 9th century Europe. Great book. Thanks for the support at Wimbledon!

jessica emily adams said...

I am totally jealous.

I think I'll choose to live my life vicariously through you too if that's OK.