They did! They let us back in!

Next time you're flying to England with a new student visa, I'd recommend flying into Birmingham airport instead of London.  See, when we first moved here we went into London and got the third degree at the immigration office.  We had to produce documentary proof of basically everything that happened in our lives all the way back to Elementary school, plus the official was so not friendly.  

But this  time at Birmingham airport (near our house), the immigration official takes our passports (while Marc frantically tries to find our stack of documentary proof we know she is about to ask for with a grumpy face), but she just says, "what are you studying?"  
"History", I reply, and boom she stamps our visas and we're on our way.  And then, our four massive luggage bags were the first to come around on the conveyor belt.  Booyeah.   

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KT and Lance said...

I feel so bad that we didn't get to get together again! My life is insane right now!!!

But, I am happy that you got back to England, how stressful!!!

I loved seeing you over the holidays!