Oh, we're watching alright.

You would not believe how big the election news is in Europe.  The average Englishman knows more about the American political system (and the electoral college, specific swing states, dangling brads) than any Joe Six-pack I know in the states.  We are obsessed with the election news over here.  And by we I mean everyone in Europe.  On every TV station, every newspaper front page, everywhere, everyone, everyone is talking about it.  Anybody who knows us is so excited that at least Marc and I can vote.  I guess they feel like since they know us, they are somehow vicariously participating in the election that is going to affect them so much.   My supervisors, my office-mates, my postman, my grocery store cashier, they all cheered us on as (months ago) we heroically sent in our application for an absentee ballot (to vote Democrat in a state where our vote won't matter anyway)--and then!   Then the Davis County clerk ignored us and lost the paperwork and shuffled our emails from person to person, and in the end, alas!  we were not provided with an absentee ballot.  Thanks.  Reeeeaaaal professional outfit you're runnin' thar.  

This is the first time ever that we haven't voted.  Shhhh, don't tell our English compatriots. They are far too emotionally invested already! 


KT and Lance said...

Well, your right, I don't think our votes here in Utah count anyway! They had already decided who the New president was, long before even counting the Western United States votes!

Marc and Katie said...

Post-election day:

Joy, joy, joy! Britain is truly bursting with happiness at the election results, and so are we!