Don't Miss Your Chance at Philanthropy!

Next week the two of us are running a 10K at Ragley Hall (above) organized by Cancer Research UK to raise funds guessed it....cancer research!  We are running in honor of Katie's Aunt Diana who is heroically dealing with terminal breast cancer.  She is a pretty inspiring person, not to mention a genius gardener!  So if you've got five bucks or five quid to spare take a little visit to our sponsorship page and help those researchers come up with brilliant solutions! 


Jessica Emily said...

Hey guys, I've tried to get on the site to donate a few different times and it says they are having a problem with their server. :( I will keep trying today with the hopes that it won't be too late!

Marc and Katie said...

oh dear that's weird! It's working from this end. Livi was able to access it...I'll find out if she did anything special.