Historic Warwick (it rhymes)

Rather than going too far from home this weekend, we spent the day exploring neighboring Warwick (pronounced War-ick).  We couldn't believe how many things we hadn't seen yet - and we've lived here almost a year! The weather cooperated (which is saying a lot for England) and I especially felt so nostalgic since it was our first trip to Warwick in 2002 that made us to want to move here years later.  
Warwick Castle from the bridge over the Avon river.  When the bridge was built in the late 1700s, it was said to have created "the finest view in England" - and it really is breathtaking every time! (well, the lighting is bad in this picture but just use your imagination)

The Mill Gardens on the bank of the river right next to the castle.  Totally classic English Garden.  Someday I want to have masterful gardening skills (someday!)  This is my idea of a dream house! 

We actually went to Warwick so we could see the finish line of the annual raft race from Leamington Spa to Warwick.  Teams build their own rafts and then race along the Avon to Warwick.  This raft came in very last, but it was so impressive.  It was made entirely out of balloons strapped together with plastic wrap!  Genius!  (Well, maybe not genius since they did come in last...)  One guy even had a balloon lifejacket. Plus they got to have the great satisfaction of popping all the balloons when they landed - the ultimate bubble wrap! 

St. John's House was home to some hilariously eccentric characters over the centuries before it became a school in the Victorian age.  Now it's full of some awesome antique toys and an old classroom, still furnished like the good old days.  It was a humble and quirky museum (that was also free. ahhh, free.) - and I loved it!  One of my favorite museums ever! 


Jess and Justin said...

um. can i come visit you???
That looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

Olivia Meikle said...

I can absolutely see Marc constructing a balloon raft. You should join next year!