Happy St. George's Day!

Today is St. George's Day!  Who is St. George, you ask?  Why, he is the patron saint of England!  He killed the dragon that, in Medieval stories, represented the devil.  But more importantly than that, he helped Richard the Lionheart and his army win battles in the Crusades (or so Richard claimed).  When the soldiers put George's flag on their shields, they were unstoppable!  Ignoring the fact that Westerners lost ALL of the Crusades but the first one, we will accept his version of the story since we are living in England.  St. George's cross is now actually the flag of England proper, and part of the union flag that we know today!
Mini flag-history lesson: 

So. Today is a day to celebrate England!  Have a yorkshire pudding for dinner, or how about tea and crumpets?  Oh, and while you're at it, read a Shakespeare play or something 'cause it's his birthday, too-- Stratford-upon-Avon is of course having a huge celebration this weekend.  I always thought it would be so cool to be in Stratford on Shakespeare's birthday, and well, here we are! 

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Ranger said...

thanks for the union jack tidbit, i've always wondered.
also I Love yorkshire pudding!