The Greatest Artist-Philosopher of Our Time

A little tribute to Bill Waterson, the most brilliant commentator on human nature since Lao Tsu.  There are two weeks of school left in our second term, so it's crunch time (until our one-month Spring break!).  We are starting to feel like Calvin in "another typical day at school"... and we are always glad to have each other to keep the world in perspective. 
Is there one piece of art that you would pay thousands of dollars/pounds to have the original hanging on your wall?  Katie's choice: no Picasso or Van Gogh; just this one Calvin and Hobbes strip.  (Is it big enough for you to read it? Click on it.)  
A whole life philosophy captured in one picture: 

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Rhea said...

haha about the historic site.

Good question about what art I would put up if I had the money. I love photography and would put up lots and lots of it!!