The Chocolate! It's in Danger!

Oh my the country is abuzz!  Kraft's takeover of Cadbury was successful today.  Cadbury's been holding out for months and months.  But now the American food giant owns England's most beloved confectioner.  (This most beloved confectioner is based in Birmingham, where you, yes you, can visit Cadbury Chocolate World, a Disneyesque, chocolate factory fantasyland.)

What will happen to our chocolate?! Old ladies and young men alike are fretting.  Chocoholics are stocking up.  See because maybe you've seen those big Cadbury chocolate bars (or, this time of year, the creme eggs) at grocery stores in the US.  But they're actually not Cadbury--they're the American version of Cadbury and they sure don't taste the same.

Will the UK's biggest chocolate company start making waxy-American chocolate here, too?! Save us, save us from the American Invasion!  Panic in the streets!


The Hodges Family said...

Haha such a cute post! Hope it doesnt change too much being taken over by Kraft...yum chocolate!

Super L said...

Hey! HEY!! Is this going to mess up my British-imported-chocolate fix here at Jenny Lou's? STINK! Curse Kraft Foods!