at least the world is laughing

Maybe you've heard about the scandal overtaking Britain right now.  Some brave soul leaked the details of MPs' (members of parliament) expenses claims and the news has been flooded for the past few weeks with reports of MPs claiming hundreds of thousands of public dollars to pay for pool maintenance, mortgages they'd already paid off, furniture and even household stuff like food and diapers.  Some amazingly corrupt deals went down.  So scandalous

I guess I fit in that category of person who just adds it to the list of reasons why power corrupts and greed consumes,  and we should just assume the worst of government.  Wait, that makes me sound like I'd fit right in with Libertarians but yet I'm very liberal.  Is that even allowed?  

Anyway at least the world is laughing at England, and if we know anything about Brits it's that they are obsessively concerned about how they seem.   So this kind of shame should be entertaining.  For some reason I feel slightly vindicated against all the little aspects of British culture that make me gag.  

And I am so eager to see how this turns out--all kinds of radical revolutionary talk going on. Will Parliament be able to "spin" this, and hush up the whole scandal, or will revolutionary change come to England?   Hopeful, but cynical too.

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