Why now is a better time to visit than ever

What do you do when you're isolated in England away from all your friends and family? Convince them to come to you!  So here are my latest reasons you should come stay with us.

The UK is plummeting into a recession, which is bad for us but good for you!  And I'll tell you why:  {one pound} used to be worth about {two dollars}
                        old times:      £1 = $2
but thanks to the recession, things have changed. 
               new times:   £1 = $1.37  {!!!}
Know what that means? Something that used to cost you $20 (a ticket to The Royal Shakespeare Company, for example) will now only set you back $13.78.   

Plus Kenilworth Castle is having a grand reopening to debut their huge Elizabethan garden, a replica of the garden that was built there for her by Robert Dudley (secret boyfriend, played by Joseph Fiennes in Elizabeth if you've seen that movie).  It's the only proper Elizabethan garden in the world for heaven's sake.  

Have I mentioned Ryan Air?  :)  Once you get to England you can fly on Ryan Air to anywhere in Europe for about £10-£20 round trip if your dates are flexible.  Thanks to the recession that means it'll only cost you about $13-$27.  

Oh yeah and here's some exciting news on the home front.  We bought a car today!  I feel like belting out "A Whole New World" in my new-found car freedom.  

What would you call it?  Poetic Irony?  How
 Marc and I have always been averse to anything bigger than a Honda Civic and we think buying a car that doesn't get amazing gas mileage is of course silly and bad for the world.  Then we moved to Europe, the land of tiny cars, and bought a big American Jeep. How?  Long story.  I sum up: buying a car here is hard and frustrating.  This one was a screamin' deal (cost us half what we paid for our moped), the guy selling it was legit and nice, unlike some other slightly questionable characters we found in the paper.  (Plus he has family in Bountiful and used to spend his summers in Utah at the Bubble!)  Anyway the whole point was to get a car we could sleep in, because then we could go anywhere and stay overnight without having to shell out for a hotel.  The Jeep filled the bill.  We bought it.  We're going on a day trip tomorrow!  Ahh, the freedom!  

But all that was to say that we are now in a position to pick you up at the airport and drive you around.  Come by June 1 and you, yes you could see the synchronized dancing tractors at the Ag Show.  So get your little butts over here already.  

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