...and more....Utah....

You know that part on "A Christmas Story" where he envisions his teacher and his mom dressed as a witch and a jester chanting, "you'll shoot your eye out! You'll shoot your eye out! [evil laugh]" 

Imagine the Brits at the Embassy in LA the same way.  Except they're chanting, "you thought it would work out! You thought it would work out!" Followed by a big, long evil laugh, that's going to last for the next week at least.  

Our flight leaves tomorrow for England, but we won't be on it.  We sent our visa applications off the to British Embassy in LA weeks ago and we haven't heard anything yet.  And the Embassy's policy on visa applications that are way late with no sign of the embassy even having received them? "We do not accept any enquiries regarding visa applications."   

I know, right?     

So yeah school starts on Monday but we're here to stay. Indefinitely. Oh yeah, and next time you try to delay a flight indefinitely with the airlines, just give up at the start.  Trust me, their runaround can far outdo your patience.  

But, Utah's still beautiful and it's still fun!  So, setting aside the increasing risk of losing our jobs, oh yeah and the fact that I haven't done any work/research for over a month, we're kind of happy to be stuck here.  More snow time!  More family time! More party time!  


Nate and Nicole said...

So you are here for who-knows-how-long? Crazy! Hey, were you by chance out building a snowman today?

Marc and Katie said...

we were totally out building that giant snowman today! did you drive by and honk? somebody did but I couldn't tell who it was. Have you seen the finished product? so proud.