Two round-trip flights to Utah: $1500

One giant cardboard box: $2

One roll of wrapping paper: $2

Two months of lies to the Nelson family: 50 points in Hell

The Nelsons' faces when we popped out of a gift box at their family party: priceless


Kelli said...

first: that is awesome.
second: how did you manage to get yourself into the party?? i imagine it's hard to move around when you are in a box... :)

Singletonmd said...

Please say you have this moment taped somewhere??

Marc and Katie said...

Alas, no, we didn't think of that!

Marc and Katie said...

Oh, and my family helped to cart us over to the Nelsons. It was hilarious. Marc had to cover my mouth in the box cause I couldn't contain myself.

Super L said...

I still am mad I didn't get to witness this. What, you couldn't wait one more week?