Elegy for an English Crane Fly :)

The British haven't screens on their windows
So one may properly lean out the window and cry,
" 'oo goes theah?"

Sometimes this means little winged creatures
come inside the windows of our flat above the shops, to visit.
Bugs, birds, Autumn leaves even blow in through the windows. 
On this occasion it was a crane fly
they are so creepy
but because they will not bite I try to be friendly
(all insects are given a chance at survival within these walls,
urged to go back out the window, shooed, 
caught in a cup and then set free).

The crane fly and we,
In the living room all three,
So we opened the window to corral the beast 
towards its exit--
out the window to carry on with its long and healthy life. 
But the crane fly, distracted, flew towards the wall
"this way! this way!" I cried, 
but the fly was already bewitched by a powerful spell.

The sconces on the wall blazed with electric light,
and the fly was drawn in, and in, 
and down the long glass light shade to the h--ZZAAAP
zap!fizzle.  blink,blink,fizzleZAP.

We stared at the sconces on the wall, flashing dark and light,
the lightbulb somehow fused to a crane fly corpse. 
The lightshade is deep, narrow -- and cannot be removed,
so the crane fly must remain, buried at the base of the bulb.

Every night, for a few minutes at least, 
the light still blink,blink,fizzles--
reminding us of the fate of the bug inside,
who flew towards the wall instead of the window. 


KT and Lance said...

It has to be Marc that wrote that!! I don't remeber the style of writing you were studying when we were there, but you are very good at it! I love the "Zap fizzle" and the last line is my favorite! Good job, you are way creative!

Super L said...

Once again, genius on display.