Weird things to have for dinner in England:
  1. Toad in a Hole (big old sausages cooked into a german pancake like batter)
  2. Fish and chips (you soak the chips with vinegar and dump salt on them)
  3. Mushy Peas (they really call them that; you can get canned "Mushy Peas" at the store)
  4. Scottish Eggs (hard boiled eggs rolled in sausage, breaded, and fried: 1,000% of your daily value of fat)
  5. Really really good Indian food (restaurants everywhere!)
And for dessert:
  1. Pudding (or "pud," which is actually like really moist cake)
  2. Milk Chocolate Digestives (salty, dense cookies with chocolate on one side)
  3. "A sponge" (that means cake, with a layer of filling in  the middle)
  4. Biscuits (that means cookies, they are SO cheap over here and yummy)
  5. Scones (that means biscuits, or more like muffins)

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